Download Abstract Backgrounds

Set af 12 Abstract backgrounds: Blurry lights background, Abstract pink stars background, Abstract wave, Colorful abstract lights background, Red curtain and theater stage, Red grunge textures, Neon light waves on a dark background… Use it in the background of your design, in web graphics or print documents.
Size: 5.7 mbFormat: HQ JPG (4000×3000px and 5000×4000px)
Homepage: backgrounds
License: free for personal/company/corporate use as long as the following requirements are met:
1. You cannot sell the graphics to 3rd parties.
2. You cannot claim that you designed the graphics.
3. You cannot use hotlinks to the stuff
4. You cannot use the graphics in online and offline generators/makers (banner generators, button generators, business card makers etc.)
5. You cannot use the graphics for gambling and gambling related sites, adult sites, SPAM sites, illegal business sites, sites that promote illegal activity, alcohol related sites, hate/crime sites

Download free Download Abstract Backgrounds from:

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